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What—a residency at IKEA?

We get it. We’re basically asking you to hang out at IKEA for an afternoon with a stranger. In a world where the “third space” is disappearing, IKEA offers a public arena for anyone to chill out and vibe. You can sit in the café and gab over lunch or you can sign up to be a part of the IKEA family to qualify for unlimited free coffee—seriously! The idea is to capitalize on this mecca of capitalism for more creative, authentic pursuits. Residents will be given a welcome package at the start of the residency.

What is expected of me at IKEA residency?

IKEA residency is what you make it. The only core tenet of the program is to foster dialogue and collaboration between like-minded creatives who might not have met otherwise.

Our hopes and expectations are that residents will meet at IKEA with their curated partner and attend one of the Open Studio Visit Days at IKEA during the session. While not mandatory, we encourage residents to attend our other community-minded programming, such as cohort launch and closing meetups, artist talks, etc.

How does one use this residency?

Each session features a group of artists, writers, and multidisciplinary makers organized into curated pairs who are invited to meet at IKEA in Burbank at a mutually convenient date and time.

The meeting is a sort-of choose-your-own adventure. Artists are highly encouraged to collaborate on a piece or make plans to create something together, critique one another’s works, discuss their respective practices, or even choose from some of our selected discussion prompts and artistic exercises <hyperlinked>.

We urge artists to make ikea-critical and/or ikea-inspired work during the course of this residency. This work can be done individually or in collaboration with your partner (or someone else entirely).

The residency culminates with a closing gathering, during which the entire cohort will share their findings with one another. Any and all work created during this residency will be considered for exhibition in future projects.

Does IKEA residency offer programming for residents during the session?

Yes! Below is a loose timeline of what we’re offering in Fall 2024:
  • Launch party for new residents + alumni
  • Regular Open Studio Visit Days at IKEA
  • Artist Talks
  • Closing Ceremony + Party

While participating in the residency, we want residents to determine their own schedule for sharing a dialogue with other cohort members and creating work at or about IKEA. This is meant to be a fun, exploratory experiment. There are no rules or mandates, and residency founders are here to support your journey and facilitate projects.

Does IKEA residency have plans to give artists opportunities post-residency?

This broader atmosphere of collaboration is also open-ended. In Spring 2024, artwork from our 2023 cohorts was curated into a nearly 40-person group show titled “At Home.” We hope to continue organizing works created from or inspired by this residency into wild IKEA Residency DIY events and exhibitions, and you best believe we have irons in the fire, pal.

Ultimately, the ephemera of this residency could be anything. We’re more than open to hearing your ideas, dreams, and visions.

What are the dates for upcoming IKEA residency sessions?

The next session is slated for August 11th - December 8th, 2024.

When is the deadline to apply?

Applications will open on June 14th and close on July 7th, 2024.

Who is eligible to apply?

Artist, writers, and makers in the LA area. If you are not selected to take part in our IKEA residency, we totally encourage you to create your own! We literally cannot and would not want to stop you from hanging out and making art at IKEA <3

Is there wifi?

Yes, there is free wifi. IKEA offers free Wi-Fi for in-store customers upon acceptance of IKEA free Wi-Fi terms and conditions.

What supplies should I bring?

Whatever you normally prefer to work with. Residents are also welcome to use IKEA for supplies. If IKEA isn’t suitable for your practice, you can use the storefront as inspiration and for collaborative dialogues before returning to your own studio to make work.  

How big is the studio space?

IKEA Burbank is the largest IKEA in the nation and the 2nd largest globally (second to IKEA Seoul). The premises is 3-stories with over 50 rooms totalling 456,000 sq.-ft.

How do I get there?

From the I-5 Take Exit 146A toward Olive Ave. Then a slight right onto East Angeleno Ave. Then take a right onto IKEA Way.

Is this an official residency in partnership with IKEA?


Why isn’t the art at IKEA?

The art isn’t at IKEA because we’re not officially affiliated with the corporate giant. We strive to maintain a symbiotic relationship with the Burbank IKEA and its staff.

How do I get free coffee at the residency?

IKEA’s free membership offers free coffee. Residents are not required to join but may do so if they wish to obtain free coffee as they work. You can sign up ahead of time here.