about the residency

IKEA: a place to buy starter furniture, get in a heated fight with a partner and now an exciting space to expand your art practice. Our residency program welcomes artists and writers working across genres and media for seasonal sessions at the studio that is the Burbank IKEA. Residents will be curated into pairs and meet at a time/date convenient for both parties—broader collaboration amongst others within each cohort is also highly encouraged. From there, it’s a choose your own adventure. This is an opportunity to consider art with another person within the context of IKEA. You can use this time and space to share critiques of each other's work, find common ground in your practices to start a collaboration, or use one of the IKEA residency prompts to try something new with a stranger. What is a residency but an invitation for an artist to be in a place at a time with other artists?

Ultimately it is up to the artists to decide what this residency will mean to them, it can be as easy or engaging as you make it. Near the end of each session, the entire group of artists will reconvene at IKEA for a dinner party where they will be invited to share their findings with one another. This broader atmosphere of collaboration is also open ended. We’re interested in organizing an exhibition of works created from or inspired by this residency, as well as organizing an accompanied literary reading, but hope to determine the best trajectory based on the outcome of this experience. The ephemera of this residency could be a painting, a sculpture, a zine, a performance, a film, the birth of a new religion… the possibilities are endless. We’re asking you to participate in an experiment with us, we hope you’re open to sharing your findings.

about us

The IKEA Residency is co-founded by Mary Boo Anderson and Zoë Blair-Schlagenhauf. They’re just trying to have a good time.

This experiment wouldn’t be possible without the support of a hardworking community of creative experts; among them are C.J. Blakely, Jim Bulluck, Joseph Morrison, Jacky Tran, and Jordan Turner.

Fore more information, email ikea.residency@gmail.com.

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